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Yet another fraudster has been unraveled inside NYC ‘s gravely abused shelter system

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New York has long had a homelessness problem so bad that it makes Los Angeles ‘s problem pale in comparison depending on the time of the year. This time around yet another straphanging fraudster has been caught swindling more than $2m from the shelter system for her own personal benefit.

According to the Attorney Generals Office — Ethel Denise Perry, 66, has pleaded guilty to tax evasion and stealing funds from the homeless.

It is understood that she used those funds for shopping sprees; cars, and fancy trips. Most of the fraud took place through her company called Millenium Care which co-opted with the city to “help” the homeless population.

Instead, Ag Letitia James says that she used the money from the city among other funds for Tiffany ‘s trips; fancy cars, $1m in credit card bills, among other things. Perry will not serve any jail time and instead signed a plea agreement with a 5 year probation.



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