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As it turns out even Mayim Bialik isn’t suited for Jeopardy either … take a guess why

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If you guessed because she’s also made crude comments that don’t align with common sense and or science —- right this way we have a gift for you. According to reports, Bialik is now facing her own demands for her resignation following previous comments having resurfaced online.

As one could probably guess those comments were even wilder than the comments made by the previous host that got booted after backlash of his own.

Here we go let’s begin:

On C-Sections: “There are those among us who believe that if the baby can’t survive a home labor, it is OK for it to pass peacefully,” Bialik said in a 2010 interview with SELF. “I do not subscribe to this, but I know that some feel that… if a baby cannot make it through birth, it is not favored evolutionarily.”

Hold your pearls.

On Birth Control: Many women experience staggering depression, emotional-ability, and something I’m concerned about is the stereotyping of women and their moods and even about PMS may actually be reflecting the hormonal manipulation of our systems,” she said, per Rolling Stone. (essentially equated birth control and mental illness in the same sentence.)

But it gets much worse.

A 2017 New York Times op-ed appears to suggest in more ways than one that it is the responsibility of women to dress modestly so they don’t get sexually assaulted by a man (totally wish that wasn’t something we just typed but it is definitely something she insinuated.)



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