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MN ‘s Governor has restricted “conversion therapy” by executive order

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Minnesota is now the latest U.S state to block the use conversion therapy against those who are LGBTQ+. For those who aren’t hip to what that means never fear we’ve got you covered. Conversion therapy is an illegal tactic used by right-wing people and extreme religious groups in an unfounded effort to “cure” what they see as homosexuality or anything that isn’t heterosexuality.

The practice has been outlawed in dozens of states as medical and health professionals have long agreed that it does more harm than good and there aren’t any proven benefits to said therapy.

“Today is a good day,” Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan (D) said at the signing ceremony. She and the governor both noted that more needed to be done.

“We have to make these changes in the House and Senate so this can become law,” Flanagan said.



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