Scam ?: Robocallers are claiming to be social security benefit investigators, here’s what you need to know

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Next to our newspaper platform we are equally known for issuing bulletins to our readers about things we think people should know about. Recently, our virtual offices were swamped with phone calls from callers claiming to be from social security.

The problem is that nobody at any of our newspapers is even close to having social security benefits. Starting about a week ago, we began receiving phone calls in both the United Kingdom and the United States claiming we were under investigation for alleged criminal activity related to social security fraud.

These calls are a scam. Luckily, our US phones picked up the caller ID and we discovered that they’re spoofing their calls as the Department of Veterans Affairs. This should be the first tell-tale sign for most people.

Secondly, the caller identifies themselves as an officer of some kind. The first time we got Officer Nancy and the second one that we actually picked up — we couldn’t quite make out the name.

Now most people should be aware that social security never asks for personal information over the phone of any kind. They never have despite what others may say.

The caller does not ask for anything other than a first name but swears one is on a case file related to supposed social security fraud. Don’t be scared these calls are scams and they are trying to steal your benefits and personal information from you.

If you get these calls call the FTC to report impersonation of a government body.



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