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Sharon Osbourne has departed The Talk amid race row allegations: Top Story

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Talk show host Sharon Osbourne is out of a job. According to CBS, Osbourne has decided to leave the Talk instead of outright address the allegations rather than simply dismiss them. On Friday, CBS confirmed that after 10 years Osbourne is exiting the show amid allegations that she was racist against Holly Robinson-Peete an allegation that appears to have been career ending.

‘Sharon Osbourne has decided to leave The Talk,’ CBS said in a statement confirming her departure. ‘The events of the March 10 broadcast were upsetting to everyone involved, including the audience watching at home.’

‘As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon’s behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace,’ the statement continued. 

‘We also did not find any evidence that CBS executives orchestrated the discussion or blindsided any of the hosts,’ CBS said responding to far-flung allegations that they targeted the host.

‘At the same time, we acknowledge the network and studio teams, as well as the showrunners, are accountable for what happened during that broadcast as it was clear the co-hosts were not properly prepared by the staff for a complex and sensitive discussion involving race,’ the statement added.

‘During this week’s hiatus, we are coordinating workshops, listening sessions and training about equity, inclusion and cultural awareness for the hosts, producers and crew. Going forward, we are identifying plans to enhance the producing staff and producing procedures to better serve the hosts, the production and, ultimately, our viewers,’ CBS said. 



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