In no shocker, perv Cuomo accused of sexual harassment by another accuser

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Embattled New Yorker governor Andrew Cuomo, who has enriched himself at the expense of New Yorkers for years, has once again been accused of sexual harassment by another woman. According to the latest accusation, Cuomo apparently has quite the penchant for strip poker, inappropriate questions, and much younger women.

The AP Reports that a former aide by the name of Charlotte Bennett joins the growing chorus of women making the accusations. Accusations that are proving to be career damaging for Cuomo, a man who once painted himself as the hero of New York City.

Subsequently the New York Times reported Sunday that even more people are now demanding that Cuomo resign and be formally investigated. It should come as no shocker considering most Americas are tired of politicians enriching themselves but pretty much being creepy villains behind the scenes.



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