People in Texas have no heat or power and are nearly freezing to death, Texas lawmakers don’t seem to care

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Texas’ leaders are facing intensified backlash this week as they’re cozied up in their mansions and homes (if they’re in Texas at all right now) while others are nearly freezing to death. Due to the massive winter storm that brought power to a halt, many have reportedly had to turn to using their cars for heat.

Some have been without power or heat in their homes for at least 3 days or more as of this writing.

In response to questions about his past tweets about CA pretty much going through the same thing, Cruz, suddenly has nothing to say.

Meanwhile an apartment building in the area …

Some Texans are realizing that this means war. When it comes time to vote again….

The GOP seriously has shoved their foot in their mouth on this one.. and it is going to bite them back.



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