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SCOTUS has ruled that NY cannot block religious gatherings, COVID likely to spiral out of control as a result

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In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court this week has ruled that Gov Andrew Cuomo temporarily cannot enforce the mandate that religious gatherings be limited or not happen at all. In New York City, this is in fact a death sentence for many as church-goers are typically older; in high risk groups, and often don’t wear masks to service.

In the ruling, Amy Coney Barrett has already as expected joined her conservative counterparts in ruling against both the common idea of the land and science. The ruling states that Cuomo may have overstepped his boundaries, although, that remains to be constitutionally determined. The problem with this ruling is that a a massive truly massive superspreader event in New York City would result in a wave of COVID that New York City likely wouldn’t survive.

It comes as New York City is already seeing its positivty rate spike and also comes amid the holiday travel rush. In two weeks or so, New York is expected to see an astronomically high spike in virus cases; deaths, and so on.



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