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Police in NY and NYC are now boarding Megabuses demanding contact information — here’s what you need to know

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This week travel restrictions and safeguards went to a new height in New York State. According to multiple reports, transportation services like Megabus Inc saw their service interrupted recently after state troopers boarded their buses demanding contact information for travelers. More often than not, Megabus travelers were able to apparently flout travel rules due to the fact that there were minimal contact tracing efforts on the bus ecosystem.

Mostly it appears to be happening for travelers entering the state rather than those exiting.

The Daily Mail was the first to get photos of NYC troopers entering Megabus areas and their buses demanding the information. It is the first known time that state troopers have gotten involved in quarantine matters. NY is joining a host of U.S states that are now forcibly enforcing travel restrictions and quarantine rules.



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