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Facebook manipulated its algorithms to benefit certain news outlets over others: Report

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Facebook apparently is the big bad cousin nobody wants around. A newly released letter has painted a bizarre picture of leadership tactics at Facebook amid reports that it was in fact Mark that tried to crack down on outlets he didn’t like nor care for.

According to the Wall Street Journal (we won’t link here due to the paywall) —- the algorithm was altered roughly three years ago. Three years ago, Mark allegedly ordered the changes to benefit and “throttle” traffic to certain news sites over others and then publicly claimed the reason for said algorithm change was totally different. That reason per the WSJ he then claimed was because Facebook wanted to show more posts from friends and family rather than politically charged posts on its network.

The algorithm change also initially was meant to at minimum equally impact publishers on both sides of the aisle but instead would’ve impacted right-wing publishers more. Because of that —- the WSJ claims that Mark ordered the change so that left-wing publishers are impacted more over right-wing.

In the midst of it all — it has once again re-emerged that Mark has a special relationship with none other than Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire.



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