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The Trump Administration just dealt another blow to the environment

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The Trump Administration ‘s disdain for anything deemed “the right thing to do” seems to become more and more blatantly obvious at this point. According to reports, Trump was in Atlanta on Wednesday announcing changes to a bedrock environmental protection law that helped guide the way things changed the air and land in the United States.

That act is known as the Environmental Protection Act of 1970 and dates clear back to Richard Nixon. The law in a nutshell required that projects (of the massive kind) not only face regulatory review but also be put up for debate among the public — especially if they would cause considerable change to the environment in the area.

“All of that ends today,” Trump said, per the New York Times. “We’re doing something dramatic.” 

Activists and the like are already calling foul considering Trump ‘s past with favouring corporations over public health and wildlife.



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