12 Jun, 2024

Judge presiding over Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial has set conditions for such to begin

Biden’s anticipated gun trial over the 2018 weapons case has arrived. According to reports, conditions allowing the trial to begin have been announced but things are expected to get messy. The Lowdown Hunter Biden’s trial over his infamous 2918 gun case looms. According to the case, conditions for the trial have been set and now […]

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Baseless Republicans are moving to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden almost certainly setting the stage for devastation in 2024

Republicans are Republicaning again and even with minimal evidence and no hard proof — impeachment inquiries are at best eventually coming. On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed in a press conference that he has instructed the House to open an inquiry into the President. The inquiry is based on Joe Biden’s yet-to-be-proven involvement in […]

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Hunter Biden getting closer to reported federal charges: Reports

But those charges aren’t what the right-wing spectre of America may have wanted. According to a report published by our sister-site Bazaar Daily UK, prosecutors and attorneys are now claiming that federal agents have confirmed there ‘is enough evidence to bring lawful charges against Biden. Those charges allegedly stem from the allegations that he did […]

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Where’s Hunter Biden? Right here publishing a memoir

Hunter Biden ‘s actions certainly have garnered plenty of headlines. But this one is particularly certain to attract even more attention. According to reports, Biden is set to publish a memoir through an imprint of Simon & Schuster in April. The move comes just a week or so after President Biden claimed nobody in his […]

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