Reports: Taylor Swift to release unreleased collaboration with Drake

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According to music reports out Thursday, American recording artists Taylor Swift and Drake have an unheard collaboration that is making its way public. The Sun reports that the two apparently collaborated on the track some time ago, though, it is unclear why it was never actually released. Sources told the Sun that the song dates back to 2017 and was a diss track originally intended for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian two mutual enemies the collaborators have long shared.

“Taylor has pivoted her focus to re-recording Reputation and she has come across this song she made with Drake, which never saw the light of day,” said a source. “She knows that everyone is going to think it is about Kimye because it was her row with them which inspired a lot of Reputation. But this one is far more direct than the other songs, which was why they didn’t decide to release it in the first place.”



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