Brazil ‘s dictator in chief Bolsonaro is going to test democracy this week … the world should pay close attention

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Attention because it appears that the world is experiencing collectively the rise of fascism almost regardless of what country we’re talking about here. Over the weekend, it emerged that Bolsonaro is attempting to essentially stage a coup within Brazil amid widespread reports that voters are preparing to boot him from office next month.

The problem is that Bolsonaro has made it clear in the most Trumpian of ways that he doesn’t intend to go quietly presumably because if he loses the election he loses the legal immunity that comes with public office. Immunity that has long protected him from prison and dozens of legal issues over his dictatorship and unlawful moves within Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. Pollster information released on Thursday points to a gain by Bolsonaro but he is still trailing his nemesis former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.



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