Marjorie Taylor Green claims satan is the reason why women are having abortions

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But that’s not all. According to the often intentionally dishonest Congresswoman, satan is the reason women are having abortions so they can keep their boyfriends.

Some shocking but not so shocking but still shocking comments by Marjorie are making their rounds. In a bizarre interview, the Georgia far-right Congresswoman told a religious extremist that women are pretty much nothing if they aren’t or don’t become mothers.

“Being a mother is what makes a woman’s dreams come true,” not a career, she told a religious extremist.

“Abortion is a lie that Satan sells to women,” Greene told’s Michael Voris in an interview. “He sells it to them.”

“When Satan sells a sin, it’s not loud,” she said. “It’s whispered softly and gently into your ears and into your soul.”

“And he tells you it’s OK. And he sаys, ‘It’s just this one thing. You’re just gonna get it done, get it over with.’”

“And then he tells you a promise,” Greene continued. “He promises you, all these dreams that you have in your heart, and that’s how Satan sells a sin and that’s how he sells abortion.”

“He tells a woman that you just have to go to this clinic, just gonna get it over with, and then you’re going to- That guy, he’s gonna stay with you. That boyfriend or the guy, whoever he is, he’s gonna marry you, sweep you off your feet.”

Kid you not here’s the video according to multiple reports published Monday.



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