Crumbley ‘s parents have lawyered up, but he apparently only got a court appointed lawyer

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Which is set to be quite the spectacular case regardless of that very fact. According to the New York Post, Ethan Crumbley ‘s parents Jennifer and James Crumbley have hired high priced lawyers to fight their charges. The Post also reports that instead of hiring the same team for Crumbley himself, both parents made the decision to leave him with a court appointed lawyer rather than on their dime. If convicted on all charges, Ethan faces life in prison the parents are facing both manslaughter charges in the case and as accessories to the crime.

Crumbley ‘s parents were famously charged as accessories to his school shooting in Michigan earlier this month. Local officials decided to charge the couple after social media posts emerged confirming that Ethan had been given the infamous gun for Black Friday (an American shopping holiday.)

Additional reports out Thursday morning also revealed that officials are considering charging the artist behind an art studio where the two parents were found hiding after charges had been announced.



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