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When those phishing e-mails become extraordinary scams you didn’t see coming

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If you don’t learn anything else in 2021 — it should be that opening phishing e-mails probably shouldn’t be on your to-do list. An NDTV reporter in India is making headlines this weekend after she fell victim to a bizarre phishing scam that nearly had her travel halfway around the world.

Her name is Nidhi Razdan. Razdan apparently didn’t learn about the scam until she was quite literally preparing and packing for the trip abroad. It was at that point she allegedly discovered there were some discrepancies in the e-mail — which all appear to have turned out to be forged.

The e-mail sounds all too similar to those Nigerian e-mail scams that beg and plead for people to respond and help somebody’s alleged grandmother in return for a trust fund.



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