The U.S recorded more than 4m Coronavirus cases in November alone

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November yet again became a month of struggle for America. As the United States continued to grapple with unemployment; food crises, the Coronavirus took an even further hold against the country. According to John Hopkins University, at least 4.02m cases were recorded from the first of November until the after Thanksgiving.

It marks what is likely the start of an intense and dark winter for the United States at a time that Donald Trump just won’t address the Coronavirus head on. In fact, Donald Trump only chooses to address the Coronavirus when it is politically motivated or better suits his personal interests. As of this writing, more than 265,000 Americans have lost their lives from the mysterious COVID-19 virus.

On Friday, a stay at home order was issued for the entire county of Los Angeles as cases soared. Thanksgiving travel into the area is all but certain to further the spread of the virus making it close to impossible for officials to control it. Countrywide, however, there are more than 91k hospitalisations in total the most ever recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Dakota, a blatantly red and ignorant state, recently joined the ranks of states that have at least 1 death for every 1,000 residents. Despite such, SD officials including the governor are flat out refusing to properly address the use of masks on a state level. It is expected that as a result the virus will continue to spiral out of control in the area.

Meanwhile, it is believed that vaccines for the virus are on their way in December. However, several doctors have now emerged noting that without a proper warning label this vaccine should not be given to anyone. Last week —- several doctors came forth acknowledging the mild to severe side-effects of the vaccine and the fact that this was not often shared with people during the initial trials.



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