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Here’s the latest (and then some) on the battle for more stimulus monies

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The race to get more money to Americans is heating up and it could go on even longer. As of Sunday, here’s what we know about the latest race to get monies to those who need it most and why Washington sucks now more than ever before.

  1. The GOP version of the stimulus bill does indeed guarantee a $1,200 check.

The Republican version of the bill does indeed include a check, however, does indeed slash the unemployment benefits to about 70% of pre-pandemic wages. House Democrats have made it widely clear they do not support this part of the measure as that simply isn’t enough for people to get by. As of Sunday, more than 1/3 of all renters in America are facing abrupt eviction/homelessness as moratoriums continue to expire.

2. The GOP also wants legislation that protects big biz from virus related lawsuits.

So for those who don’t follow the rules or simply don’t put in place enough protections for their employees — they may end up getting a get out of jail free card. In the GOP version of the bill, Republicans want a clear cut notion that employers won’t be liable if one or more of their employees contracts the Coronavirus.

In contrast — Democrats want the unemployment benefits to remain the same through at least December and have balked at the idea of corporations over lives.

The AP has more and why this matters.



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