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Here’s what to watch on streaming T.V this weekend courtesy of Mila Kunis

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Woohoo it’s Saturday and that means our streaming guide is back again. This week there isn’t a sponsor so we’re going to jump right into it.

  1. Luckiest Girl Alive

Mila Kunis is back to starring in movies. Luckiest Girl Alive stars Kunis as a leading magazine lady nearing towards her perfect life; her marriage, and her ideal life in New York City. That is until her darkest secret comes back to haunt her that as a child — she survived one of the deadliest mass shootings ever recorded. Hiding it from her fiance; her friends and those at work documentary filmmakers are secretly chasing her down to get the truth — was she part of it as an accomplice or a heartbreaking victim?

This week we’re watching this movie as it just came out it appears according to Netflix. Check back in the U.K version for a full streaming guide tonight.

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