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Mexico has responded to reports that its previous government was far more treacherous than known

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Mexico ‘s government has issued a whopping 83 arrest warrants largely for former members of the previous government over their connection to the disappearance of 43 kids. According to Bazaar Daily UK, the previous Mexican government has been found to be responsible for the disappearance and later likely murder of 43 children that ended up getting caught up in their dirty dealings.

The indictments included “20 military commanders and troop personnel from battalions 27 and 41 in the city of Iguala, as well as five administrative and judicial authorities from the state of Guerrero; 26 police officers from Huitzuco; six from Iguala and one from Cocula; plus 11 state police from Guerrero and 14 members of the Guerreros Unidos criminal group,” according to a statement per CNN.



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