Beware of box only PS5 scams on Ebay and more: Consumer Watch

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This article isn’t really an article but moreso a warning to the general public. Over the weekend — issued a warning to eager people looking to get their hands on a PS5 system. According to Ebay, they’ve had to take down an alarming number of posts advertising such but they’re actually just the boxes.

The scam is the latest in a long line of “release scams” (when a new release of something gets price gouged or outright scammed.”). The effort to actually find a PS5 is partially why because it is one of the most sought after systems in the world.

In a statement to multiple outlets, Ebay has acknowledged that allot of these ads are actually fake. They’re just the boxes and not the actual console not to mention they’re priced at 3-5x more than the actual price.



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