25 May, 2024

A judge has blocked Texas ‘s trigger law in response to the overturning of Roe vs Wade

Texas one of many places that have what are known as “trigger laws” might have to temporarily dash its hopes to outlaw abortion in its state. According to reports out Wednesday morning, a Texas judge has temporarily blocked the state’s trigger law from going into effect which it was due to do so in just […]

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T.V star Erika Jayne reportedly ‘broke’ can’t pay massive $2.2m tax bill to the state of California

It turns out all that glitters isn’t gold. According to legal docs obtained by People Magazine, Erika Jayne is teetering on financial trouble amid reports that she cannot afford to pay her $2.2m tax bill to the state of California. The documents revealed that a few weeks back tax administrators in the state delivered a […]

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If America had any balls it would arrest Ginni Thomas by sunrise

But unfortunately for most Americans America lacks the balls to actually arrest Ginni Thomas and try Clarence Thomas for high crimes and remove him from the Supreme Court. A series of emails obtained by the Washington Post revealed that Thomas sent messages to dozens of Arizona politicians seeking to convince them to illegally choose their […]

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Harvey Weinstein is facing two more charges in the UK over his rapey sex pest past

Harvey Weinstein ‘s reign of ugly rapey terror apparently spans much further than what was previously known. According to CNN, Weinstein has been charged by British authorities over a 1996 pair of cases that see him accused of sexually exposing himself to women without their consent.  These ones took place between July 31 and August […]

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Reality T.V stars Julie and Todd Chrisley have been convicted

The fall of the Chrisley family has happened. According to CNN, the famed reality TV couple has been charged with attempting to defraud the IRS for not paying deliquent taxes; submitting fraudulent loan applications to banks, and pretty much the typical thing in this situation. Julie Chrisley was also reportedly charged with wire fraud and […]

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