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Dior has shelves Travis Scott ‘s upcoming “Cactus Jack” fashion collection

Fallout from Astroworld is still plaguing American musician Travis Scott. According to fashion house Dior, Dior has cancelled the contract for Scott's Cactus Jack collaboration over what happened during last year's monstrous Astroworld festival. Scott has largely been blamed for the many deaths that occurred merely because he failed to address the crowd -- numerous brands and festivals have since cancelled him. Out of respect for everyone affected by the tragic events at Astroworld, Dior has decided to postpone indefinitely the launch of products from the Cactus Jack collaboration originally intended to be included in its summer 2022 collection.' reads a statement according to multiple reports.

Following backlash Hulu has removed the Astroworld documentary nobody actually asked for

Because and quite literally nobody asked for the apparent ABC documentary about Astroworld and the tragedy that happened. According to Variety, Hulu has pulled the ABC documentary after intense social media backlash because the doc just wasn't a good idea all together. Hulu claims that they had absolutely nothing to do with the documentary in its whole. According to Variety, the network confirmed in a statement they've washed their hands and their lineup of the doc all together. “This was an investigative local news special from ABC13/KTRK-TV in Houston that originally aired on November 20th. This was not a Hulu documentary and has since been removed to avoid confusion.”
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