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January 20, 2021

CIA crackpot Gina Haspel has resigned

With just 3 hours to go until Joe Biden is President — Gina Haspel is out. The bloodthirsty CIA director who has a rapsheet of controversies longer than any criminal one would imagine is out of a job. This is a gentle reminder that Gina Haspel ran not one but multiple terror and torture camps where she compiled questionable information against others. The tactics she […]

November 28, 2020

In historic move, Darrell Blocker, a Black CIA operative —- is poised to become the CIA director: Report

If Joe Biden is successful in this reported appointment — it would make Darrell Blocker the first Black person ever to hold the position of CIA director. Blocker has a long and glorious resume throughout the intelligence community; various countries, and is respected almost universally. According to reports, Blocker has received at least 2 CIA medals and retired in 2018 after more than 32 years […]