20 Jun, 2024
Subway crime they exists it appears to everyone except the MTA. According to reports, the widely panned plan was shelved over concerns about crime underground. The Lowdown Ex-Gov David Paterson…
Best known for her stint on Jersey Shore Angelina Pivarnick is facing a host of criminal charges this week in NJ following an altercation. The Lowdown According to documents obtained…

Here’s how refunds work and why it takes merchants days to credit you back on your debit card

This article is a guide on how debit card refunds work because we must get this question a thousand times a week from our own customers and those seeking answers in our forums. Refunds are pretty much governed by the Electronic Funds Transfers Act — which allows financial institutions up to 10 working business days […]

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Report: The NYT sat on that Scott Rudin expose over fear it would lose hefty advertising payday

A bombshell new report by the Hollywood Reporter is painting a bleak picture of life behind the New York Times. According to the bombshell report, the NYT allegedly sat on what would become of its expose on none other than Hollywood mega-producer Scott Rudin. Rudin for those that weren’t aware was at one point one […]

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Britney Spears just told the world her Dad has been abusing his control for years and it is heartbreaking

Britney Spears is the topic of the summer. On Wednesday (practically for the first time ever), Spears broke her silence in her decade+ long conservatorship that has seen her father at the helm of her life. As previously suspected, Spears’ in her own words, has admitted to being subjected to lengths of abuse that were […]

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Former child star Drake Bell pleads guilty to attempted sexual crimes against a child

Those crimes understood to have been sending explicit content/messages to underage girls before he was apprehended. According to what we’ve learned, Bell plead guilty to a 4th degree felony and a 1st degree misdemeanor on Wednesday in an Ohio courtroom. Per official information — he is expected to be sentenced in July and is facing […]

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RHOA star claims Michael Costello is actually the bully not others

As it turns out many of the claims made by US fashion designer Michael Costello might actually be lies themselves. According to reports, a 2nd individual has come forth claiming that Costello is a reputed liar but also may be a bully himself. RHOA star Falynn Goubadia claimed on IG over the weekend that Costello […]

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Eric Adams’ campaign staffer stabbed in the Bronx amid NYC ‘s soaring crime rate

New York City ‘s violent crime rate is still soaring. According to Eric Adams’ campaign an unidentified 42-year-old campaign volunteer was violently stabbed over the weekend. Adams’ campaign says the man was stabbed 3 times near 149th and Morris Avenue in a caught on camera attack. “We don’t know what it’s connected to,” he said. […]

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A fourth body has been found following that horrifying tubing accident

And police say one still remains unfound. According to police in North Carolina (via the AP) one person still remains unaccounted for that saw what is understood to be an entire family go over into the river. Some were killed instantly after their inflatable tube reportedly floated over a dam and into an energy plant. […]

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In the Texas area? Here’s how to stop your utility company from remotely altering your thermostat

Editors Note: This is not an article but rather a how-to guide on how to stop the energy company in Texas from remotely altering your thermostat. According to the energy company, thermostats are being remotely altered by an agreement customers would have agreed to so that they can be enrolled in a rewards program. This […]

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Emory University has apologized for rejecting a student based on their race

Some 60 freaking years after their racist rejection — Emory University is finally owning up to its part in segregated education standards. The coveted school which has hosted numerous prolific names throughout its time has since come out apologizing for rejecting a Black man based on his race because he wanted to go to medical […]

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