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true crime

true crime

Kyle Rittenhouse ‘s trial has begun, grab the popcorn we’ve got you covered

The murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse who stands accused of shooting at least 3 people and fatally killing two has finally begun. In prosecutors opening statements, they held no regrets in their directly aimed comments about Rittenhouse -- a teenager they say was drawn to the chaos like a "moth" and decidedly took a gun with him. ADA Thomas Binger told an open court on Tuesday that Rittenhouse had no right gunning down those in which he killed. "One of things we all agreed on yesterday is life is more important than property," Binger said. "Like moths to a flame, tourists from outside our of community were drawn to the chaos here in Kenosha. People from outside of Kenosha came in and contributed to that chaos and it caused many of our citizens to fear for their safety." He continu...
true crime

Toxicology reports in the shocking death of Jelani Day have been released

Toxicology reports in the death and homicide of Jelani Day have been released.  According to the Pentagraph, toxicology reports show that Day had what one might suspect in his system as a young person in modern America. The report reportedly shows caffeine and THC were found in his system during examinations. Elsewhere in the report it shows that his family and officials expected this to be the toxicology report and still didn’t answer many other questions as to what actually happened.  We will continue to follow this story along with our UK sister site who carries the coverage as it continues to unfold.
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