Austin residents are on edge amid reports that a serial killer may be lurking in the shadows

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Residents out in Austin Texas are expressing their concerns amid reports that another body has been pulled from Lady Bird Lake in the past year. So far no foul play has been found, however, an investigation remains ongoing into the mysterious deaths.

On Saturday, shortly after 1pm police were called to the lake after reports of a person in the water. His identity was later confirmed and has been identified as Jonathan Christopher Hays-Clark.

Earlier in the month, 33-year-old Jonathan Honey was found dead on April 1. Another man was discovered on March 5, and Jason John, 30, was found in the lake on February 13. A further four unidentified bodies have been recovered from the lake in the past 10 months alone.

Autopsy reports or information for nearly all of the men found are unavailable according to officials.



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