ICYMI: Another violent murder has taken place underground in New York City this time at Manhattan ‘s West 4th street station

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Editors Note: ICYMI stands for In Case You Missed It, these are otherwise pieces of news or information that we think people should know about. They may be reprinted or often reshared on social media in times of mass information; sharing, or public declarations.

New York City is getting more violent by the day and politicians across the board don’t seem to have much of an answer. On Thursday, NYPD officials were alerted to a grisly discovery at Manhattan’s West 4th street station where they found a man with numerous lacerations to the torso. Shortly after midnight, cops were alerted to the West 4th station in the Village where the body was found. The man has not been identified and marks the 11th major subway murder this year alone.

Details haven’t entirely been released and the investigation remains open.



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