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GOPers are taking aim at private businesses for their efforts to address climate change

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GOPers and right-wingers know no bounds in their efforts to step on dissent and ‘wokeism’ at all costs and by any means necessary. Recently, many people have probably heard the acronym ESG which stands for essentially a financial group or collection of ideas among big businesses about how they can combat climate change. It is essentially how corporate governance and how a business operates and what it contributes both negatively and positively (also their bottom line) and how it may impact climate change. Republicans are not happy that this is happening especially among companies like BlackRock. So not happy that they’re collectively calling corporate attempts to address climate change a symbol of ‘wokeism.’

Blackrock is the largest asset manager in the world with more than $ 8 trillion in its asset portfolio. In a shockingly dishonest report, Republican officials attempted to all but shame Vanguard; Blackrock, and States Street as the world’s ‘three new emperors’ over their ideals to help combat climate change and ensure stability among themselves and the environment. The three main companies have a non-binding agreement to help reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

“The conclusions are built on flawed premises and risk harming millions of everyday investors that rely on mutual funds and exchange-traded funds to help them retire with dignity,” BlackRock said in response to the GOP’s report. Republicans now that they will take the House in January are even threatening antitrust investigations as a result of their pettiness.



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