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Kyrsten Sinema knows no bounds in her quest to enrich herself and only herself

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Just days after Democrats won another seat in the Senate, Krysten Sinema has taken to the airwaves to announce that she is switching parties. Sinema claimed in an interview over the weekend that she is switching from the Democratic Party to the Independent Party which is poised to complicate Democrats plan for power in an already seriously divided government. It remains unclear exactly how Sinema will vote or caucus, the latter because Sinema rarely ever showed up to caucus meetings anyway.

“The reality is, not much has changed. I’m going to keep doing what I do,” Sinema told Arizona Morning News.

Most are correctly chalking up Sinema ‘s sudden switch to none other than her desperate quest to survive 2024 which she is expected to widely lose unless she pulls off a huge upset. Sinema has routinely gone against almost all Democratic ideals and bills and instead has served her own self-interests or those of Democratic rivals. She often operates similarly in the same way Joe Manchin of Virginia does.

Sinema ‘s switch has been chalked up to the fact that this means she is attempting to run from the obvious primary coming her way.



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