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New filing shows DOJ found that Trump kept secret documents in desk at Mar-a-Lago

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A new filing by the FBI in the case against Donald Trump has revealed that they have long been aware the extent of his crimes. According to the filing, federal officials claim that they found classified and secret documents hidden in Trump’s private desk — one of many claims they’re using to prove he kept docs even after losing the White House.

Officials also reportedly found various communications including one from a religious leader directed to the White House. Elsewhere in the filing, Trump and company maintain that he declassified any classified documents because he had the right to do so — but several former administration officials have disputed this.

This filing comes just days after an 8 page additional filing to the special master in the case surfaced. In that filing, it is still being determined whether or not the 103 in total documents seized were or actually to be included in the investigation.



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