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Rapper Takeoff has been murdered in Houston following altercation over dice game

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Takeoff 1/3 of the hip hop collective Migos has died. According to Bazaar Daily UK, Takeoff was killed this morning in Houston at 810 Billiard and Bowling Alley following an altercation over a dice game. The site reports that an altercation broke out shortly after 2am resulting in shots being fired one of them having hit Takeoff allegedly in the head. Photographs later appeared online showing Takeoff dead in a pool of blood, however, we aren’t allowed to show those here.

The story appeared in TMZ an hour later according to TMZ ‘s own reports. TMZ also reports that an investigation is underway and local police have now also confirmed the news. Cops are investigating what led to the shootout as it is unclear exactly at this time. Both Quavo and Takeoff were in attendance at the Bowling Alley and it is understood that Quavo is safe and fine.



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