Not Smart: Michigan woman arrested for not scanning all items at self-checkout as Wal-Mart cracks down on the scheme

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Using self-checkout at a store seems like a breezy idea to avoid mile long lines. Not scanning all of the items during said checkout is not such a good idea and now one Michigan woman is learning that the hard way. According to police in Michigan, 34-year-old TeddyJo Marie Fliam is in jail this week after being caught scamming her way through self-checkout by not scanning all of the items. The jig was up when cops realized after Wal-Mart had reviewed security footage that she had actually done so many times since April to the tune of more than $1,000.

The incident(s) happened at the Alpena County Wal-Mart after their loss prevention team noticed that she had not scanned everything during a recent trip to the store.



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