NYC has declared an emergency over the huge influx of migrants arriving in the city

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Officials in New York City including the city’s betrothed mayor Eric Adams are sounding the alarm over a huge influx of migrants arriving by bus almost daily. According to a presser on Friday outside city hall, Adams has confirmed that both the state and the federal government have been asked to provide help considering that the problem began at the southern border.

Per Axios. “We have not asked for this,” Adams said in an address at City Hall. “There was never any agreement to take on the job of supporting thousands of asylum-seekers.” Five or six buses a day are arriving, he said, with nine on Thursday alone.

TX’s Governor Greg Abbott has been questionably shipping migrants to Democratic-led cities without much notice or legal grounds to do so which has created yet another GOP-led humanitarian crisis. Most of the arriving migrant children have been enrolled in school and are doing quite well according to the local government.



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