GOPers are now claiming that in essence, Biden is only forgiving student loans to help Black people and those of colour

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A new lawsuit in Wisconsin is probably the most bonkers one yet in response to Joe Biden’s plan to forgive a ton of student loans for those who qualify. According to the suit, Wisconsin is claiming that Biden ‘s plan is ‘nothing more than racially motivated’ which they claim violates the 14th amendment.

It’s worth noting that the plan doesn’t actually take into account someone’s race but rather their eligibility based on financial status. HuffPost reports that the association who filed the suit maintains that the government ‘overreached’ in announcing the plan but wants to keep citizens ‘accountable’ for their own student loans.

In other loan forgiveness news, those who want to opt out of the move can actually opt out despite misinformation on social media. A man in California learned this the hard way after falsely claiming in a lawsuit that he couldn’t do so only to learn that he could to avoid the potentially massive tax liability that comes with it.



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