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This is why Donald Trump is up shit ‘s creek without a paddle (as it seems right now anyway)

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Donald Trump ‘s lawyers appear to be more of a harm rather than good at this point. According to multiple reports published over the weekend, Trump ‘s lawyers are in part the reason why federal authorities raided his home. The New York Times along with multiple others reports that Trump ‘s lawyers signed a document back in June claiming that all classified documents were returned.

They were not. The Times also notes that sources confirmed to the newspaper that after his lawyers made the false claim people were seen moving boxes in and around the residence of Mar-a-Lago. The development of course means that at some point Trump and his team were intentionally deceitful to the government.

Back in June a Department head by the name of Jay Bratt, the Department ‘s top national security official (or at least one of them) visited the estate about the missing documents and ended with the document being signed. Two months later even more were found sparking an investigation into alleged and so-called violations of the Presidential Records Act of 1978 and that of the Espionage Act.



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