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A third political party in America is launching (again) but nobody knows if it will succeed but probably will divide

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Former politician Andrew Yang (think: the UBI guy) is back in the headlines amid reports that he and a group of former lawmakers are forming a third major party in the United States. But it is anyone’s guess if the party will actually take flight in the United States because of how divided the country currently is behind the scenes.

The new party will be called “Forward” and will be co-chaired by Andrew Yang and Christine Whitman the former Governor of New Jersey. It is unclear though if the political party will actually gain traction considering this is an election year in the United States. Yang is perhaps best known for his own previous Presidential aspirations and the fact that he had proposed the idea of Universal Basic Income. While many support the idea of UBI, many just hate how Yang actually went about it himself during his own aspirations.

There aren’t any known policies just yet but if a new third party is anything like the 2000 election of Al Gore one can already how this is going to go.



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