Nancy Pelosi is at the center of some pretty serious drama amid claims China may shoot down her plane if she goes to Taiwan

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi probably wishes that whoever works in her office would stop leaking travel plans to the media. This week it emerged that Pelosi ‘s previously scheduled April trip to Taiwan is now upcoming in August after she rescheduled over COVID-19 earlier this year. The trip now, however, has caught the attention of senior Chinese government officials who apparently are eyeing everything from conflict to literally shutting down Taiwan ‘s airspace in a no-fly zone. That would essentially mean if Pelosi ‘s plane attempts to cross that no-fly zone the Chinese would likely attempt to shoot it down.

Pelosi’s office has themselves neither confirmed nor denied reports of the trip due to security protocols in place. American wishes to maintain its strategy of strategic ambiguity in relation to Taiwan, however, it is anybody’s guess exactly how China will respond if Pelosi ‘s plane travels into the area. It appears to possibly coincide with China ‘s 20th Congress next month where Xi is expected to keep his grip on power.



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