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BLM ‘s Patrisse Cullors can’t catch a break and that is because she was never doing right to begin with

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As of latte the only kind of headlines that BLM is getting are terrible ones. Terrible headlines because the group ‘s former co-leader Patrisse Cullors apparently is too busy preaching a ministry even she doesn’t believe in. New IRS filings have revealed that the infamous home in LA that she lied about has more bad-actors than originally thought.

Filings show that Cullors has hired her brother into the mix and he currently serves as head of security at the $6m mansion she lied about in the area. Docs show that on top of that Cullors’ brother is believed to be among the highest-paid across BLM as a whole. These revelations come at a time of renewed scrutiny against Cullors and the org she helped run because there are very real and very serious allegations of financial mismanagement. Cullors of course has denied any wrongdoing claiming that the accusations against her are “racist.”

The Washington Examiner first reported the news but it is widely understood that this is only the surface-level of Cullors’ own mismanagement operation.



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