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Instacart just announced a new policy to crack down tip-baiting + the practice explained

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Tip baiting is described as when someone say orders on Instacart appears to put a tip up on the order when all is said and done. However the bait part comes when some (and evidently there are allot of people who do this) remove the tip at the very end with no valid reason. As many are probably aware with the delivery platform this has been an ongoing issue for Instacart so much so that they’ve actually addressed this once before.

But it didn’t do much. The new policy as noted below attempts to address it yet again for those cruel people out there taking tips from people who performed a task that otherwise could’ve been done by said person themselves (if it were that difficult to tip to begin with.)


If the customer reduces their tip to $0 without reporting any issues with their order, we’ll cover the cost of the tip that they removed (up to $10).

This applies to all orders with a tip removed entirely after delivery, without a reported order issue — it does not apply to orders where a tip was never included.

Some of the order issues that a customer may report include if their order never arrived, their items were spoiled or damaged, or they had items missing from their order.

We have several anti-fraud measures in place to ensure that customers may not falsely report order issues, request refunds, or remove tips without a valid reason. If customers are found to be engaging in fraudulent activity, they will be removed from the platform.

This includes any customer found to be consistently removing their tips after delivery without a valid reason, as we previously shared in June 2020.



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