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Kathy Hochul is now attempting to have bail reform laws changed in New York City, but will the changes be fair for everyone?

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Nobody’s pretty sure. In a new budget proposal set to be negotiated and ironed out on 1 April, New York ‘s Kathy Hochul is set to negotiate her way into a bail reform package as part of a new 10-point public safety plan. The new safety plan would effectively add a number of crimes to the eligible-for-bail list which has become a sticking point in the discussion of how bad the crime in New York City has really gotten.

Parts of the new plan would also allow judges to have more discretion when determining who to lock up and who not to lock up based on their previous criminal convictions and use of firearms and weaponry. According to the New York Post, who first reported on the memos, crimes against subway riders and those underground also would be eligible for further scrutiny and determination.

The new plan would also make it easier to prosecute those trafficking guns. Presently in New York, one must be in possession of at least 10 guns (no particular type) to be eligible for Class B felony charges.



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