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Cops who murdered Adam Toledo and Anthony Alvarez will not be charged in Chicago (or at all)

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Not so shocking news in the investigation(s) of the deaths of Adam Toledo and Anthony Alvarez. The State’s Attorney’s Office has announced that neither of the cops involved in the shooting(s) will be charged due to inefficient evidence being presented to do so.

SA Kim Fox made the announcement Tuesday against the backdrop of videos that the office has long claimed show that both individuals allegedly had handguns during what would’ve been their arrests. Both deaths renewed calls for the Chicago Police Department to be entirely reformed after decades of having a reputation of being discriminatory and racist.

In both shootings, officers chased the suspects on foot which officials as far as the DOJ and numerous critics have pointed out should’ve never happened due to how dangerous such an act is for both parties. The City of Chicago maintains that it is reviewing the department’s policy about foot chases and is expected to make changes in the coming months.



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