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WI Republicans are trying to stop the creation of a 7th majority Black district, wait till you hear why

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Wisconsin Republicans and its GOP party are arguing in a new Supreme Court filing against the creation of a majority Black 7th district in the state but their reasoning as to why is probably more wild than the attempt itself. According to Republicans in the state (per their filing), the party claims that by authorizing the newest district the state would be effectively taking away rights from Black people in the state as a whole.

The problem with that claim is that the plan they put forth (instead of the current one being pushed) would actually make the majority Black districts shrink from a total of 6 to 5 instead of the opposite. Republicans are essentially using a reverse argument in an effort to mislead people into thinking their plan is better.

In their court battle, it all came down to a map that made the least number of changes to a previously drawn version of the map dating back to 2011. In the end, the judge presiding over the case rejected the map presented by Republicans (that would’ve taken a district instead of creating a new one even amid a stat report that shows WI ‘s Black population has grown.)



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