As New York City continues to grapple with soaring crime, city ‘s top cop demands ‘woke’ laws scrapped

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NYPD officials are struggling to contain a wave of crime across nearly all five boroughs of New York City. In a new interview, the city’s top cop has made it known that she too supports rolling back the rollbacks thta caused previous laws to allow bail laws to be changed.

Speaking in an interview to WABC Radio’s John Catsimatidis on Sunday, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said: ‘The criminal justice reform law that took effect in 2020, I think, that is definitely part of the thinking that needs to change.

‘We can keep most of the important elements of the reform, but there are absolutely some things that need to be adjusted,’ she explained of the 2019 bail reform laws – which were rolled back in 2020 to add to the list of crimes for which bail can be set.

‘There are entire categories of serious crimes that we can no longer make an arrest for,’ Sewell told Catsimatidis. ‘We can only issue a summons.

‘We have used discretion in the past. Now we don’t even have that,’ she said. According to the latest crime stats, there were about 9,138 crimes that were recorded in February up from about 5,000 during the same month last year.



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