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Credit Suisse is apparently a very big bad bank doing business with even bigger evil people

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A massive data leak from Credit Suisse is making headlines this week and it isn’t even Tuesday we might add. In that leak shared with dozens of news organizations across the world, the bank has been accused of harboring about 18k accounts for not-so-good players that normally wouldn’t be allowed to have financial accounts at all. Those players range from deranged government officials; spies, actual heads of state(s), princes, kings, and every person you would imagine that would be trying to launder or hide very large amounts of money.

Most of the accounts have long been kept secret from the public according to the whistleblower who initially provided them to a German newspaper who helped send them out across the world. For the record and in typical fashion, Credit Suisse denies any wrongdoing claiming that bank laws were much different when most of the accounts would’ve been opened. A few of the notable faces include: The King of Jordan, an ex intelligence chief accused of torture, thieves, a mercenary, and dozens of others.



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