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Hello Nepotism: Eric Adams has tapped his younger brother for a posh commissioner role

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Eric Adams roller coaster ride downwards continues this weekend after it emerged on Friday afternoon that his younger brother is headed for a posh civilian NYPD commissioner post. The New York Post reports that it is unclear if he will collect a salary as technically nepotism rules prevent him from doing so — but it isn’t immediately clear if they’ll apply here. Alike his brother, he is also a retired NYPD sargaent which probably won’t sit well with many who feel New York City is now in almost full control of former police.

Folks in this role typically earn upwards of $200,000 a year. This would make the 2nd member of the Adams family and at least the 2nd former high ranking NYPD official in a cushy spot.

Bernard Adams,  brother of New York mayor Eric Adams, seen in a Facebook picture.
Bernard Adams is pictured / Facebook



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