CDC: Omicron variant up to 3x more transmissible than the previous Delta variant

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Against the backdrop of controversy over their shortening of Coronavirus isolation rules, the U.S CDC has since announced an additional set of measures for those seeking to leave isolation quarantines. CNN reports that the CDC has since revealed a case study that has since revealed that the variant is most certainly more transmissable than the Delta variant — but it remains to be seen if it is more deadly.

In case it couldn’t get any worse the Omicron variant has helped New York exceed 10k hospitalisations for the first time in quite some time. In the updated version of guidelines, the CDC has given instructions as follows although they’ve been widely mocked yet again on social media.

“Preliminary data suggest that the Omicron variant is up to three times more infectious than the Delta variant,” the CDC says in the update.

“With the recommended shorter isolation and quarantine periods, it is critical that people continue to wear well-fitting masks and take additional precautions for 5 days after leaving isolation or quarantine,” it adds.

“Modeling data from the United Kingdom reinforce the importance of mask use; after the 5th day after a positive test, an estimated 31% of persons remain infectious,” the CDC said. It cites a pre-print study posted online on Dec. 24.

“Mask use and layered prevention strategies, such as receiving all recommended vaccination and booster doses, physical distancing, screening testing, and improved ventilation, 



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