12 Jun, 2024

Legendary broadcast journalist Barbara Walters, 93, has passed away

THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY. Legendary broadcaster Barbara Walters has died. According to reports, the longtime journalism icon passed away Friday night at the age of 93. Walters career had spanned decades but most recently was known as the creator of ‘The View.’ Older viewers however might remember that she was once the first female […]

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Police have made an arrest in connection to the grisly murders that shocked small Idaho town

Bryan Christopher Kohberger has been named as the suspected killer of four Idaho students who were violently stabbed to death. Kohberger was arrested in Scranton just shortly after 3am according to authorities. More information is expected to be announced during a press conference today at 1am PT.

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Far-right wannabe internet personality Andrew Tate arrested amid sex trafficking raid

Far-right internet personality Andrew Tate is behind bars today in Romania amid reports that he and his brother were arrested amid a wide-ranging investigation into allegations of major sex trafficking. According to reports, Tate ‘s previous video this week mocking activist Greta had actually tipped off authorities that he was in the country as it […]

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New York to further prosecute those who scam the COVID relief system

New York ‘s Governor Kathy Hochul has officially signed legislation that is intent on making penalties for scamming the COVID-19 relief system even steeper. According to The Post, lawmakers unanimously passed the legislation as investigators remain diligent in seeking out criminals and scam artists who conned the system. “As with other states of emergency like […]

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Twitter Files now claim to reveal both Biden and Trump helped suppress flow of information on social media

The Twitter Files are beginning to lay bare the extraordinary lengths government authorities went to suppress information from the public. Flows of information according to newly released information in the alleged Twitter Files appears to show the unthinkable. New files in the dump suggest that both the Biden and Trump administration helped along the supposed […]

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Vandals are back to targeting power stations across America, here’s what you need to know right now

TACOMA, WASHINGTON — Vandals have once again struck power stations. According to police in the area, some 14,000 customers were without power across the western point area over the holiday weekend. Cops say that nothing was stolen from the power stations, however, that the power had intentionally been knocked out. Police appear to believe that […]

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Orlando Brown, 35, has been arrested for domestic violence after calls were made to 911 from Ohio home

Troubled former child star Orlando Brown is once again behind bars. According to police in Allen County, Brown was arrested last night after a domestic violence disturbance call came from his area home. This is the latest legal case against the troubled star who has long struggled to keep his act together.

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