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Ghislaine’s Nightmare: Heiress set to die behind bars as she faces 65 years in prison for her role in trafficking ring

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A magnificent end to the trial against British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell. The sordid trial has found that Maxwell did in fact procure young women for predator Jeffrey Epstein.

On that front, Maxwell faces more than 65 years in prison which means she will die in perhaps the world’s most notorious prison system.

Prosecutors successfully managed to prove at least in the eyes of the DOJ — that Maxwell had much more than just a business relationship with Epstein. The two often jet setted around the world; slept together, and at one point Maxwell is seen in photographs massaging his feet on the infamous Lolita Express private jet.

However Maxwell is likely to start naming names to prevent dying in America. Maxwell is known to be very well connected and wealthy — though many of her assets have either been seized or unknown to others.

Prior to her capture, Maxwell was widely seen as someone capable of taking herself off of the map (that means when someone essentially vanishes.)



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